How to set Manager Budgets

Setting manager budget, custom budget, update or revise

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To update your Manager budgets, you will first go to Settings > then Allowances & Values > and go to Managers.

We have three different ways you can set up your Manager budgets.

  1. Flat Rate:

For the Flat Rate, you can set a single budget that all users who are marked as managers receive.

2. Specific Customized Budgets:

A secondary feature for the Flat Rate budgets, is you can set individual flat rate budgets per manager.

Users who are marked as Managers will show on the Manager allowance page. For each manager, you can input a custom budget and they will receive their individual budget each month instead of the flat rate.

PLEASE NOTE: If a manager does not have a Custom Budget set, they will get the default Flat Rate budget.

3. Variable Rates

The Variable rate option is for managers to have specific budget that can fluctuate monthly per direct report. You will input the minimum you want them to receive and then any additional points per direct report.**

(Example: John has 2 direct reports. His budget would be 250 + 50 = 300 points)

**Direct Reports will need to be assigned in Nectar in order for the variable budget to work. Check our article on how to assign direct reports if you don't have them assigned.

PLEASE NOTE: Any adjustments to the budget will not come into effect immediately. They will reflect on the 1st of the new month. If you want to adjust the budgets immediately, you will need to manually adjust each user budget.

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