Adding managers

Add managers into your recognition program

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Giving a user manager status will allow the admin to customize their monthly givable allowance to allow additional points for their direct reports or other rewards. This will also them access to deny or approve their direct reports' claimed awards.

Adding Managers

In order to promote a normal user to manager status, they will first need to be in your user list under the Users tab. You can promote a user to a manager by going to Settings > Manager Allowance. If you select the 'Select Managers" button on the top right corner this will navigate you to the User tab.

Once in the User tab, find the user you wish to promote to manager status. Select the blue pencil edit button on the very far right section of their user row. This will open a page containing their user information. Under the Permissions section select the Manger box which will turn it blue. Then press the Save button. This user will then have manager status and will appear on the Rewards Manager list on the Settings > Manager Allowance tab.

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