How do Nectar Points work?

Points to give, points to redeem, Nectar points to USD, change my point balance

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Here are some of the most commonly asked questions regarding Nectar points! Read through the article, or check out the quick video at the end for an overview.

Q: What are "Points to Give"? "Points to Redeem"?

A: "Points to Give" are set by your company, and allow you to shoutout your coworkers for the awesome work they do. "Points to Redeem" are when your coworkers shout you out for awesome work that you do! Your "Points to Redeem" are what you will use to cash in for rewards, swag, and gift cards.

Q: Do my points expire?

A: Your "Points to give" will reset at the beginning of each month. "Points to redeem" do not expire, which allows you to save them up to cash out for higher value rewards, swag, and gift cards.

Q: How often do my "Points to give" reset?

A: They will automatically reset on the first day of the month.

Q: How can I get more points to shoutout my coworkers? Or get more points to give?

A: You have a few options! You can either wait for the beginning of the month for your points to reset, ask your admin to adjust your point balance, or if your company has the "Boost Points" option turned on you can use that.

Q: What is the Nectar points to USD conversion rate?

A: 10 Nectar points = $1 USD

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