How Nectar gift cards work

How do you redeem your gift card? What type of gift card is it?

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❗️PLEASE NOTE:❗️You should only be redeeming for the country in which you reside! If you attempt to redeem for a gift card outside of your country, you may run into verification issues and we are unable to refund or exchange for this reason.

To redeem a gift card on Nectar, you will navigate to the Rewards section* and select Gift Cards. From there, make sure that you have the correct location selected as well! (The selected location will stay each time you come back to the gift cards)

You can use the 'Search' bar to search for available rewards options or scroll through the available options. Once you find a gift card you want, you will click redeem. You will then be able to select the price quantity of the gift card you want, as long as you have enough points.

All price options are preset and cannot be adjusted, multiple gift cards can be redeemed at a time.

After you select your desired price point, you will hit Redeem. One more alert will show up and you can select 'Yes, let's do it' to confirm your redemption.

PLEASE NOTE: Once you redeem the gift card you cannot reverse or exchange the card.

You will receive the gift card to the email associated with your Nectar Account*. All gift cards are electronic and the redemption instructions will be provided in your email!

*If you cannot find the email, you can try to resend the gift card through the My Orders page on your account. Check out this article to help!

*If you still don't receive it, please contact our support team to assist you.

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