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Finding your reward/order information
Finding your reward/order information

didn't receive gift card, swag order status, reward information

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After you redeem a reward from the Rewards tab, you can find the history of your rewards by going to My Orders. If you select your profile icon in the top left, go to Activity and click the "My Orders" button.

On the My Orders page you can view your Gift Cards, Swag*, and Custom Reward information.

If you don't receive your gift card, you are able to re-trigger the email to the email associated with your account**. You will be able to check on the status of your swag order by finding your tracking information. For Custom Rewards, you will be able to see what rewards are pending and approved and by who.

❗️PLEASE NOTE:❗️You should only be redeeming for the country in which you reside! If you attempt to redeem for a gift card outside of your country, you may run into verification issues and we are unable to refund or exchange for this reason.

*If your swag order is from Axomo, it will not show up on My Orders. You can check on the status of your Axomo swag by following THIS article.

**If you still don't receive your gift card, please chat with our support team for assistance!

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