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How to check your Axomo order (Premium Swag) and get tracking information.

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If you've ordered something from our Axomo Swag Store (this is usually the higher-end swag items such as Yeti, Carhartt, etc) it may not show up on your 'My Orders' that's usually found by clicking on your profile image at the top right of the page.

In order to see the status of anything you've order from Axomo or the correct swag store, you'll need to head over to Axomo & Nectar's partnership store page. You can get here by clicking on 'Rewards' on the left navigation bar > The Axomo store (name may vary) > select 'Swag Store' which will take you to our partnership store page.

When you arrive to our partnership store page, you'll click on your profile image and a drop down menu will appear where you'll select 'Item Order History' > you'll need to copy the order number

You'll head to the same drop-down menu and select 'Track Orders' this time and then insert your order number to see the status/tracking of your order. If it hasn't shipped yet, it'll display an error indicating it hasn't shipped yet.

If you run into any further issues with your Axomo order, you can always reach out to their Support Team at [email protected]. Have you order number ready as a reference and we'll do our part to ensure your order is accounted for. Thank you!

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