Group give allows admins (and anyone else they specify) to recognize and give points to departments or everyone in the company using just one shoutout.

Group give is only enabled on Standard and Plus plans.

To give points to a group.

  1. Click "Add a recipient" or start typing "@". The choose the group you'd like to give to. This can be @everyone or @[department].

2. Add the amount of points you'd like to give each individual in that group by typing "+" and then the number of points you want to give. Note: You can type in any number and not choose the preselected values in the drop down.

3. Add a core value by typing "#" and choosing one of your company's core values.

4. Add a personal message on the shoutout, and add a fun GIF if you choose!

5. Hit give and everyone will receive a notification and the points!

Currently you can only give to one group at a time. However you can always give to multiple people at once by typing @JohnDoe and @JaneDoe etc. into your shoutout.

Allowing other users to give to groups

Admins can allow other, specific users to give to all groups, some groups or just one group. They can do this by going to the Users tab > Editing the user > and adding certain departments under the Permissions section.

Once you hit save that user can then group give to the departments specified.

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