The Custom Rewards are a great way to give your team curated reward options in your company's rewards catalog. All other rewards are fulfilled automatically by Nectar, whereas custom rewards are fulfilled by you. BONUS: at the end, we'll post some examples of Custom Rewards that we see customers use!

Go to your "Manage Rewards" tab, and click "Create New Reward".

Follow the steps in the dialogue box.

Start by typing in a name and description for what your Reward will be. I'm going to create one for Utah Jazz tickets.

Put in an associated cost. Remember that 10 points = $1 USD. For this example, I'll put in 1500 points which equals $150.

Type in the quantity you want to give out. The quantity is the number of times this reward can be redeemed. I only want to offer 10 people Jazz tickets, so I'm going to put 10. If you want unlimited number of people to claim it, leave this spot blank.

If you would like your users to leave a note, toggle on the "User Note" function, and type what you would like them to answer. I'll ask which game they want to go to.

Make sure you put in a Reward Admin. This is who will be notified when employees try to claim rewards, and they will help coordinate the fulfillment of the reward.

If you'd like to upload a picture to go with your reward, click the "Choose File" button and upload a picture. I'll put in the Utah Jazz logo.

Hit "Save", and now your reward will be on your list!

BONUS- Here are some ideas for what you can use for your custom rewards:

-Sporting event tickets

-Concert tickets

-Local events or activities

-Gift cards to local restaurants

-Custom swag

-Trip or hotel vouchers

-Extra PTO

-Team lunch

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