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How to use the paypal gift card, Redeeming for cash

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NOTE: PayPal charges a 30 cent service fee. Due to that, 3 points (30 cents) has been added to all the redemption amounts accordingly.

Nectar now has PayPal as a Reward option! See below for the steps on how the redemption works.

To redeem is as simple as redeeming any other gift card. Simply select the amount you’d like to cash out to PayPal and click redeem.

Once you have redeemed, you will receive an email from Nectar to the email associated with your Nectar account that looks like this:

Then, you will then receive another email to the email address associated with your Nectar account from Paypal that looks like this:

Click on Claim your Money button and follow the instructions to link your email that you use with Nectar to your personal PayPal account.

🌟 Please Note: you can have multiple emails linked to one PayPal account. Once you click Claim your Money you can login and associate your work email with your personal PayPal account

Once that is finished you should see your funds within your PayPal account! You can use these funds anywhere PayPal is accepted.

Click below to learn how to receive a PayPal Debit card which pulls from your PayPal Balance and can allow you to use your Nectar points anywhere!

Please chat with our support team if you need any assistance!

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