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This article goes over how to install Nectar with G-Chat and how it works. key words: gchat, google

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The integration has to be installed by each individual, it cannot be installed by an admin for a company.

To install G-Chat go into your G-mail account and go to the chat tab.

Then click Explore Apps, search for Nectar, and click Add. Then you can either have a singular chat, or add the app to an existing space.

Once it is added, you will have a separate chat designated that says Nectar (App). You will receive notifications here whenever you receive a shoutout. (see below)

How to send a shoutout with G-Chat

You can also send shoutouts through the App in G-Chat!

You can either click the + button or type /sendShoutout and select from the pop up and hit the Send button.

A pop up form will open that you will fill out for your shoutout.

* Selected employees will auto-populate from the users in Nectar and you can search the name of the person you want to send to. You can select multiple users.

* Amount will show you how many points you have remaining in your total giveable points balance. You will type out whatever amount you want to give in points. If you shoutout multiple people that will be the amount you want to give to each user.

* Message is what message you want to include in your shoutout and have sent to the recipient of the shoutout. Make sure you message includes a meaningful message to your co-worker to show they make a difference. πŸ’›

* Selected company values auto-populates the list of core values in your Nectar account. You can select multiple values.

Once you have filled out your shoutout form, hit send and it will go to Nectar!

Please chat with our support team if you have any other questions!

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