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Set up multi-factor authentication using your iPhone

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โ— YOU MUST HAVE ATTEMPTED TO LOGIN TO NECTAR BEFORE PROCEEDING. The QR codes and screenshots below are JUST EXAMPLES and WILL NOT take you to your account. Visit and login, then you will be prompted to set up MFA for your account. The steps below are to help you through that process.

1) After attempting to login to Nectar, you will be directed to a screen asking if you'd like to set up MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) using an app or text message. This tutorial is if you selected you'd like to use the authenticator feature on your iPhone.

2) Scan the QR code with your iPhone's camera.

3) The Passwords section of your iPhone's Settings app will open, and need to be verified using FaceID, Touch ID, or your passcode depending on your iPhone's settings.

4) iPhone will ask which account you would like to add this to. Click the + button in the upper right hand corner to create a new account.

5) Fill out the boxes. The website should be, your username will be the email you use to log in to Nectar, and your password will be the password you use to login to Nectar.

6) You will be directed to a screen showing your login information, and a verification code.

7) Type the code in on the Nectar website page on your computer, and choose "Verify Code".

8) You will receive a confirmation screen. Click "OK"

9) You will now be redirected to the Nectar website! You will only be asked to access your MFA code after logging fully out of Nectar, or every 90 days.

10) The next time you log in, you'll need to provide a new code. To access your new code, simply open your Settings app on iPhone, and click "Passwords". Find the website and click on it. A new code will be generated, similar to what you see on Step 6.

Chat with our support team if you have any further questions!

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