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Setting Up Single Sign On (SSO) in your Nectar Account
Setting Up Single Sign On (SSO) in your Nectar Account
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Note: This article contains detailed technical instructions on setting up an SSO integration, and is intended for your IT department or SSO account administrator.

The Nectar Plus package includes the ability to integrate with your SSO provider to create a seamless login experience for your users. SSO enables authentication via an organization’s Identity Provider (IdP), such as Google Workspace or Okta, as opposed to users or IT admins managing hundreds, if not thousands, of usernames and passwords.

In order to set this up, you will need to be both a Nectar administrator, AND administrator for your organization's IdP. If you are not a Nectar administrator, please ask the current account administrator to give you access.

Step One: Login to your Nectar Account

Once you’ve logged into your Nectar account, click Admin > Integrations.

Step Two: Begin SSO Integration

Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page and select “Configure SSO.”

Note: if you do not see the SSO section in your Nectar account, you will need to contact Support (red chat bubble in the bottom right of your Nectar account or [email protected]). SSO configuration is only available to Plus package customers.

You will then see this warning message:

Before clicking “Yes I Have All Required Details,” please review the additional resources below to make sure you have what you need to complete the process. If you leave this process incomplete, your users will not be able to login, and you will need to delete the connection and restart the process.

Resources for Completing the SSO Configuration, per SSO Provider

Each SSO Identity Provider requires specific information to create and configure a new connection. Often, the information required to create a connection will differ by Identity Provider.

If your SSO Identity Provider is not listed here, please contact Support or your Nectar Account Manager for additional details.

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