There are 3 ways to add your employee's birthday and work anniversary dates:

  • If you're using an HRIS integration for your user management, the system will automatically pull the information over for you.

  • You can add everyone's birthday information by including it in a CSV file and use our bulk upload feature. Please make sure it is formatted as DD-Mon-YYYY. An example would look like 01-Jun-2008. Any other format will not be recognized in our system.

  • You can manually add a user's birthday information by finding their name in the Users tab and selecting the pencil icon on the right. Scroll in their profile to find the Birth Date or Hire Date field and type in their information. Make sure it is formatted as DD-Mon-YYYY, or our system will not recognize it. Press the 'Save' button.

Then you should be set! Your employees will be recognized on their special days.

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