The Work Anniversary Award will automatically give a shoutout to your teammates on their work anniversary. This is a great way to recognize them for their years of service on the team.

The shoutout will appear in the social feed, which allows the rest of your team to add on to the shoutout if they would like.

The points for the automated Work Anniversary Award come directly from the company, and not an individual user’s allowance balance.

Before you begin customizing and configuring the Work Anniversary Award, you'll want to make sure your users have hire dates in their profiles.

Customizing the Work Anniversary Award

You can make adjustments to the Work Anniversary Award on the Manage Awards tad. To customize the Work Anniversary Award, click the pencil icon on the right:

A pop-up will appear where you can edit the message, award amount and whether it is publicly visible. If you'd like to award different amounts based on your teammate's years of service, click on the 'Advanced Settings' button:

Set your specific anniversary award amounts based on different years of service. If you don't set an amount for a specific year your teammates will receive default Award Amount. If you only want to celebrate specific years, you'll need to set the award amounts for those years and set the Award amount to 0.

Press the 'Save" button when finished editing the settings of the award.

Turning the Anniversary Award on or off

By default, the Work Anniversary Award is turned off. To turn the award on, flip the switch to green.

How do I add my teammates' work anniversary dates?

There are 3 ways to add their work anniversary dates:

  • If you're using an HRIS integration for your user management, the system will automatically pull the information over for you.

  • You can add everyone's work anniversary information by including it in a CSV file and use our bulk upload feature.

  • You can manually add a user's information by finding their name in the Users tab and selecting the pencil icon on the right. Scroll in their profile to find the Hire Date field and type in their hire date information. Make sure it is in the format DD-Mon-YYYY (06-Jun-2008). Press the 'Save' button.

What time do the automated work anniversary awards get sent out?

The automated birthday awards will be sent out around 3 am MST.

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