The Welcome Bot is an Automated Award that will automatically give a bonus to your teammates when they create their account and log in for the first time. The welcome bonus will appear in the social feed, which allows the rest of your team to meet their new teammate and add on to the shoutout if they would like.

Configuring the Welcome Bot

The Welcome Bot comes automatically installed with your account and is pre-programmed with a welcome message and award amount. You can make adjustments to the Welcome Bot's message or amount on the Manage Awards page.

To edit the message or amount of your Welcome Bot, click the pencil icon on the right:

A pop-up will appear that allows you edit the welcome message, award amount, and whether is it publicly visible. The keywords @receiver_username and +amount are required in the message. Once the settings are set to your preferences, press the 'Save' button.

Turning the Welcome Bot on or off

Turn off the Welcome Bot by flipping the green switch to off so that it is no longer green.

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