To send a shoutout, first navigate to the Nectar Home page by clicking "Home" on the left hand side of the Nectar page.

Then, click into the shoutout box to begin. You'll need to choose a recipient(s), amount of points, and a company value. Let's walk through these together.

You can click on the person icon to see a list of people to shoutout,

Click on the person icon to see a list of people in your company

or find them by typing @ and then their name.

You can include multiple people in the same shoutout.

Then click the plus icon to select a point value. If you'd like to give away an amount of points not listed, simply type + and then the point value (for example +0).

If you have multiple people in your shoutout, they will each receive the number of points you select. In our example here, each person will receive 5 points to their "Points to Redeem". My "Points to give" will go down by 15 (5 points for each person).

Then type out a custom message.

And finish by adding a company value. You can click on the pound/hashtag icon, or type # to see a list of your company values.

You can choose to add emojis, gifs, or images by using the icons along the bottom. I'll add in an emoji and gif.

After your message looks good, hit the "Give" button to award points!

It should show up in your social feed right after.

That's it! Check out the video tutorial below if you still have questions:

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