The bulk upload user feature is used to save time by not having to upload employees one at a time. This feature is also used to quickly update your user list if there are multiple users that need to be added or deactivated from the user list.

Bulk upload file

The user information file needs to be a CSV(comma-separated values) file. The CSV file also needs to have the following column headers found on this example file. Birthdates and hire dates don't have to match the format in the example file, as the system will auto-format the dates into the format required.

The bulk user upload feature is found in the Users tab of the Admin section. Select the "Bulk Upload" button. This will open the window where you choose between "Append or Update Users to List" or "Deactivate Users Not In List" buttons. You will use the "Append or Update Users to List" button if you wish to add and/or update users. Use the "Deactivate Users Not In List" button if you wish to add, update, and deactivate users that are not in the list you are uploading. Select the which button that applies to what you are trying to accomplish with your user information.

After selecting your option, you can select the "Upload data from file" button to search your computer to upload your user information file.

Mapping Attributes

You will then see the screen to confirm whether the column headers in your CSV file is mapped correctly. Press Yes if they are mapped correctly.

The next screen is where you will need to map attributes correctly. Check to make sure the CSV file fields match the corresponding Nectar fields. If a field needs to be changed, hit the drop-down arrow for that field and select the correct Nectar field it needs to be mapped to.

Once all the fields are mapped correctly and confirmed, press the "Review" button.


You will then be able to review the data you are uploading. Press the "Only show rows with problems" button to see any issues with your data. Press "Continue" the information all looks correct.

Next press the "Yes" button to confirm you are ready to import.

The next screen will indicate how many users will receive email invites and how many are being updated. Press the "Yes Proceed" button.

You will then see the Import Successful screen.

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