Add/change the credit card on file

The credit card on file will be used to pay for the rewards redeemed by your people and your Nectar subscription (if applicable). You can add or change your credit card on file by going to the Settings > Billing tab. Under the Payment Settings section, you can add a card by pressing the + Add Credit Card button or change the card by pressing the Change button.

Changing billing email address

If you wish to receive a notification and automated receipt of your rewards payment, you will need to attach a billing email address. You can add/change your billing email address by going to the Settings > Billing tab. Under the Billing Information section, you will be able to add/change the email address by typing in the desired email address and pressing the Update Billing Email.

Viewing billing history

You can see all your past payments under the Payment History section on the Settings > Billing tab.

Reward payment processings fees

Credit card processing fees on reward payments are 3.5% + 40 cents. This fee is only incurred on reward payments and not subscription payments. If you want to avoid these fees your organization will need to pay check, wire or ACH.

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