If BambooHR is your HRIS, we can automate your user management to help you avoid constantly uploading spreadsheets.

There are two pieces of information we need from you to get the integration set up:

  1. An API key

  2. Your BambooHR subdomain

1. Generate an API key in the BambooHR portal

To generate an API key, log in and click your name in the upper right-hand corner of any page, to get to the user context menu. If you have sufficient permissions, there will be an "API Keys" option in that menu to go to the page.

Name and generate your new API key - make sure to copy it carefully as viewing it again (for security reasons) will not be possible.

Your Account Manager should have provided a way for you to securely pass the new API key generated. If they haven't yet, please reach out to them.

2. Finding your subdomain

Your subdomain can be found within the first section of your URL:

Once we receive this information, your Account Manager will be able to confirm that everything is working correctly.

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